These 5 Simple Tips will give your Air Conditioner Longer Life

Air Condioner Longer Life Tips

We all enjoy the comfort of our air conditioners, especially if you are living in a region where extreme summer and winter is common then, you would surely appreciate the service of your air conditioner. Apart from all these perks, we want our air conditioner live long. Here are some 5 simple tips to maintain your air conditioner for long life.

Check the filter for replacement:

The air filter is the part that frequently needs your attention. It is advisable to change the filter after every 3 months to ensure clean airflow. It is especially important to check and replace it at the start of new summer. Dust infected filter can overload the AC and hikes the power bills.

An infected filter wears out other parts of the air conditioner affecting its overall life. Running air conditioner at least once a week can affect its longevity.

Clean up the Compressor:

The Compressor is one of the most important parts in your air conditioner. Maintenance of compressor is often overlooked as this part is out of your house. Exposed to the outside environment this part is vulnerable to damages from direct sunlight, dust, grass, leaves etc.

The Compressor has metal fins that should be cleansed for suitable air flow. If there are voltage fluctuations in your house then, this might be the cause for the premature failure of the compressor. Improper voltage supply may lead to overheating the compressor and reduces its life.

Replace Coils on time:

The evaporator coil extracts hot air ensuring the flow of fresh and cool air. A damaged coil can result in an inferior quality of air. Replacing the coil once in a year ensures fewer issues accidental breakdown.

If you are not sure about the proper functioning of evaporator coil call a professional to fix it.

Do some inspection of Duct:

Using a dirty duct for a long time can increase the energy consumption to 20%-30%. Regularly inspecting the duct for any contamination and the cleaning it can reduce the energy consumptions and also nurtures the life of air conditioner.

Dust and pollutants trapped in duct tend to pass on to the HVAC system. After a while, the AC starts emitting air mixed with these pollutants causing health issues.

Install Programmable Thermostat:

Is your thermostat has become less responsive or behaving strangely then it’s time for you to check it for replacement. This might be due to undercharged batteries so replacing them with new ones will do. If you still have the older thermostat then replacing it with a new programmable one will be a good decision.

The benefits of upgrading to a programmable thermostat are that you can change its temperature at any set time needless to be present to turn its dial. You can program it to circulate more cool air during the hot hours of the day and less during other times. These newer ones are more accurate and efficient. A lot of savings can also be done by installing these new ones if your air conditioner in operating for long hours.