Why is conservation of ecology needed?

Conversion of Ecology

You remember all that stuff that we studied back in high school about heavier rains, rising sea levels, melting glaciers and extreme temperatures? If you look now, all of that has become a reality. The fact that the US hurricane season of 2017 set a record of 13 tropical storms this year instead of the average 12 provides you with ample proof of this. In fact, most of these natural catastrophes have been a dire result of human activities. Let’s face it, if we mess with Mother Earth, Earth would mess with us eventually.

Some countries are more severely affected than others. You have extremely hot, humid weather that is getting worse every year in some countries, while other countries report stronger typhoons. The National Hurricane Center had reported unusual cyclone activity this year. The UK reported 2017 as the hottest year. The ozone layer has become larger to such an extent that it is now life-threatening.

Therefore, we need to start taking small steps every day to maintain the balance before we are completely cleansed off the face of this earth.

Preserve Biodiversity

Our survival depends on the ecosystem. Living and non-living organisms are interdependent on each other for survival. Animals and birds are losing their natural habitat; that’s why they are dying. Deserts, tropical rainforests, mountains, and oceans play a crucial role in maintaining the balance.

Quality of Air

We need to stop cutting down trees and keep industrial waste in check to prevent air pollution. We inhale all the toxins that are released into the air and that is hazardous to our health. We also need to stop burning fossil fuels because they release harmful gases, such as methane, into the air.

Conserve natural resources

The natural environment is where all our food, water, clothing, herbs and shelter come from. Environmental degradation would beget loss of our wellbeing and untimely death. We should also stop cutting down trees because they absorb carbon dioxide and transform that into oxygen for us. Think about it: if trees gave off WiFi, we would be more careful about preserving them.

Prevent natural disasters

These catastrophes come at a huge price: people die due to natural disasters and heat waves and several billions of infrastructure are devastated due to symptoms of climate change. The typhoons have been getting worse each year.

The oceans are polluted. Wildlife continues to be endangered and several birds and animals continue to go extinct. Marine life is under threat, and so is coral reef. We need to take precautionary measures before we start dying out.

As individuals, we need to be more aware and must take action. We need regulations and laws. ISO 14001 – one such measure — has set some standards in order to curb the deleterious effects of organizational processes on the environment and ecology. Global climate change is a real-life phenomenon. It’s high time we got serious about it.