The Innovation and Revolution of Internet

he Innovation and Revolution of Internet

Nowadays people can able to live without of food and water but we can’t live without of Internet because of the Internet is necessary and important things in this modern period of life. Peoples are always in online and make them self in up to dated in everything. Here we’re gonna to take a look at the momentum and the development of the Internet from the beginning to now.


The first viable model of the Internet was invented on 1960’s by ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Networks) for the purpose of U.S Department of Defense.

The potency and expansion of the technology are developing by day to day. In the beginning of the invention of the internet, it is unimaginable credit to access the internet by individuals because of the cost and the maintaining of the internet is so expansive.

Dial-up Modem:

In the earlier stage of 90’s the dial-up Internet, modem was invented. This dial-up internet was worked with the same function of land-line. It started to connect to the web as like how the call is connecting. So, it creates a noise while connecting to the Internet and this sound will last for more than 30 seconds until the Internet has to connect. The speed of the Dial-up-up internet modem ranges between 110 bites per second and it was rapidly increased in the year of 1990’s the maximum speed of the dial-up internet modem is 33 kilobits per second.

Broadband Modem:

The first high-speed Broadband modem was launched in the year of 2000 in the capital of United Kingdom. The maximum speed of the connection is 512 kilobyte per second. This is 100 times speed while comparing with the Dial-up modem connection. The online streaming and gaming is possible only the broadband Internet modem. The data is passed through by the fiber optical cables. The fiber optic cables allow exchanging the packets at high-speed bit rates. The Broad Band Internet system allows the user to browse unlimited of data consistent without of any interrupted in the connection.


Wireless fidelity it is the name of a reputation of wireless networking technology that converts radio waves into a wireless high-speed Internet and network connections. It is the trademarked slogan of IEE 802.11*. The normal speed of the Wi-Fi is 10 Mbps and the speed may vary from place to place and network to network. It allows to the user for playing an HD video streams and transferring the files in the mind-blowing speed. It does not require any wire connection to the users while access to the Internet, the range of the Wi-Fi is limited and the radio waves are transmitted through the router. The router that has an antenna to pass the wireless signal and it pass through the waves the maximum limit of the normal Wi-Fi router 32 meters approximately 1105 feet distance. The data transmission may vary it depends upon the signal and connectivity of the network. This Wi-Fi technology allows us to create an innovative and the revolution of the Internet.


The Light Fidelity it is also known as visible light communication (VLC). The Li-fi technology is converting visible lights data into transmits at very high speed. The average speed of the Li-fi is 224 gigabits per second. It gives a more security for the connectivity because of the light can’t pass throughout of the wall so it seems the network security is high and loss of data is also reduced and the use of third parties can’t able to access without getting the permission from the provider. The data is sending the LED(Light Emitting Diodes) by the bulbs dipping and dimming and this light source will be transferring electrical signal into a binary signal and the binary signal are being captured by the use of a photodetector. It gives the maximum speed of connectivity with each individual without of any lack of a speed of the connectivity while connecting with the maximum number of users is connected to the particular network. The range of the Li-fi is depended upon the light source.

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