Top 10 Blogging Tips for Beginners

Usually, an introduction by someone that I earn through blogging, people get surprised and frown. It is said to be easy money or easy earning way and it is considered as payment just for sitting on the internet whole day and writing.

It is one job that people think does not require any brain and no-brainer can do this job. In reality, when the people making fun of it when sit and try to conceive ide for their first couple of blogs, they say this is something different than what I thought of.

By now the beginner or the venturing individuals into the business of blogging who wish to have speed should keep on reading. The following are the most prevalent in blogging by the newcomers that they do commit:

1. Conceptualizing in the Air

At the time of start blogging, the ideas can come anytime while during a bath, talking to someone, watching a movie, or chatting with friends.

No matter how randomly the ideas come at odd moments, but the ideas should not be random. Merely taking and adopting something as it seems to be a good idea does not mean it will work for the welfare of your company or the venture too.

One should consider and figure out the goals of the organization or the business and accordingly think in that perspective.

Making out the list of FAQs and other important factors.

2. The Fashion of Writing should not be stiff 

When someone enters into the business of writing blogs, the fashion of writing is usually found to be stiff like we write in our exams.

The style or the fashion of writing like we used to write in the exams is not something that is enjoyed by the reader.

You have to be honest that the whole blog is never supposed to be read. You have to involve and engage the reader so that the reader gets bound to read your blog.

The writing should be in a way as if you are talking or telling someone so as to make it in conversational mode. The more interest generating your writing is the more it is enjoyed.

People should feel like they are into the business with human beings, not the machines or the robots. Your writing should be free from jargon and should not be too stiff to be understood.

3. Describe your personality but do not show it

It is something which hurt us but it is the truth that people read and like the description but they may or may not like your personality in general. But if your writing is not involving or engaging then they will not stick to your writing they will shift. Therefore, it is advisable and advocated to describe your personality but do not show it. You can put your personal examples to infuse the interest, though it is very subjective some people put jokes or the incidences to put humor and some people describe as the description. You should relate to your readers through the topic and the writing skills. It is advised to be written in the first person as if you are talking face to face with them.

4. Specific and Cathy Topics

Usually, when you start you may take too broad topics to be covered rather than neglecting the importance specific topics and engaging the target audience of particular demography or the prospective customers.

You need to have both short-term and long-term perspective of blogging you have to be very specific in choosing the topics.

Choosing the right and specific titles can really help in establishing the importance of your blog in the business.

5. Lack of Evidence or the Backup of Claims through Data

It is prudent and wise to have data backup as an evidence to support the claims being made in your blog.

Suppose, you have enforced on the importance of the Social Media promotions.

If this is said with the examples being quoted through data claims by the authorized and responsive department or the sources, the same become more convincing and easy for conversion.

You should use the data, observations, researchers to back up the points mentioned in the blog.

6. The pursuit of Perfection

You can always try to write a perfect blog but it remains a subjective issue and the content perfection is said to be complex, difficult and requires special skills.

Placing the images, use of phrases, and Wittier jokes.

The pursuit of perfection should be run wholeheartedly to touch upon the cause of the same.

7. The Consistency of Blogging

It is like the more often the Blogger blogs, the more attraction it generates to the traffic.

The number of subscriptions and the leads of the prospective customers generated through your posts.

Although, the volumes are important and consistency in the blogging is more important and crucial.

It has to be consistent it should not be five posts in the one week then one or two next week then suddenly ten new posts.

This inconsistency will not make the subscribers happy or make the best out of your blogs.

You need to have a fix and solid consistent strategy to be more successful.

It is advised to deploy and use the editorial calendar so as to form a habit of blogging and clarity on the topics ahead for publishing them consistently.

8. Concentration on the Immediate traffic

It is a common mistake done by both beginners as well as the advanced or seasoned bloggers.

In case, you keep concentrating on the analysis of immediate traffic, then you are going to land nowhere as it is difficult to prove the importance of a blog.

You should not concentrate on the immediate traffic but the cumulative traffic or the potential traffic that it is going to bring in.

Take a quick look at this article to boost website traffic.

9. Number of subscribers not consolidated or increased

Blogging does not involve adding just the new subscribers, in fact, it is also required to consolidate and increase.

You can add an email alert CTA on the addition of your blog which will eventually bring in the more than usual traffic to your blog.

The Email-Marketing should also be involved in which a welcome email is floated for new subscribers and regular emails that update about the blog posts.

The blogging should be done in a way that every time a blog is posted it should send a notification to all the subscribers and stakeholders suggesting that a new blog post is updated.

Eventually, the purpose of this exercise is to attract more and more numbers of visitors and increased traffic to the website or the blog content.

10. Proofreading or the rechecking the Blog

You should not do the writing complete means the work is complete. The editing is very important and might require more time for the purpose as well.

You should also take time to edit as per your needs. It takes numbers of rounds to be good to great.

Typo errors, run-on sentences, and many another sort of accidental mistakes which might need your immediate attention and are supposed to be rectified then and there.

Usually, you may think that you have read while writing but no matter how many times you have read still there are good numbers of chances of committing errors.