How to use Video Marketing for Business


It has been seen as a trend and epic observation that the Marketers are the initiator or the first one to explore and experiment the new technology, and they also conceive new content through this. The marketers usually try to seek the audience’s attention and the same goes while making the video contents as well.

A good marketer is supposed to and required to make video content to fetch the attention of the target or the prospective customers or in simple words to broaden the reach and engaging the prospective customers with the help of the content and also connect with more numbers of the audience on various platforms.

The same is facilitated with the help of Blogs, Social Media channel or the YouTube channels and also by optimization on search engines.

Nowadays not for selling product or services even the motivational speakers or public speaking experts rely on and bank upon the Video content.

Business concept: target and Video Marketing on wall background

It is not the new trend but it has become the oxygen for reaching to a larger group of people or the audiences. Audiences look for video contents to have a better understanding and clarity of the concept and they are easy to access as and when required as per the needs and convenience of the viewer.

More and more marketers are getting attracted to the charm and alluring of videos content through Facebook and YouTube videos in recent years.

As per the study concluded by Cisco, the Video content will capture the 69% of consumer and internet footfall or the traffic by the end of 2017.

One cannot neglect the power of video content and it is one of the most effective content engagement techniques as of today.

Moreover gone are the days when it used to be expensive the technology has made it affordable to publish and create one too.

There is the host of options available to use the video content of growing smaller businesses to bigger. If you are looking for creating the content as video content and adopted it as the strategy to market your business.

Then there are some ideas for creating your video content and making it part and parcel of your Strategy for marketing your business.

Publishing the Video on the Landing Page itself


Nowadays, most of the businesses both small and large are an investment for online advertising.

The advertisements so created bring traffic to the landing page and wherein a consumer or prospective consumer, in fact, can start and initiate the engagement process.

The video posted on the landing page itself can bring in and boost the confidence of the prospective buyer and ensures better chances of conversion.

There have been many observational studies that suggest in case a video is implanted on the landing page, it enhances and consolidates the conversion rates up to 80%. It is because of the engagement of the customer to the content but at the same time, it should be kept in mind that the video should not be in auto play mode.

Compatible Responsive website for Reaching the Mobile or iPad Users


The internet usage pattern has got a revolutionary change. With the launch of Jio, the Mobile users have increased tremendously.

After the Green and white revolution, it will not be a misnomer to say the third revolution or the internet revolution in the country.

There used to be only 10 Crore active users of Data services out of 105 Crore mobile Connections in India as per TRAI before Jio launch.

Now the numbers of Mobile internet or data users have gone to 40 Crores. It has been estimated that the almost half of the Internet users have started accessing the Internet through mobile handsets or devices so the responsive web designs help you to make the website compatible with these devices.

It is imperative to be taken into consideration as the content used traditionally is getting obsolete and people do not have time and patience to read long posts on the smaller size of screens or mobile devices.

The best possible option to use video content: A video content is capable of delivering the 10 thousand words in the same time that a person takes in reading the 1 thousand words.

It is easier to distribute or disseminate the knowledge and information in the lesser span of time.

Depict the Real feel of your Product

For a customer, it is very difficult to fantasize or imagine the real product with the help of some photographs especially the functional product.

The video content enables you to depict and describe your product in motion and insight of the same the process of usage etc. The product in action can be shown and a story can better elaborate it and also provide the better engagement of the customer.

Interaction with the Customers through Interactive Videos

The engagement or the personal touch can give faster growth opportunities in any business. You may be sending email newsletters or SMS to lakhs of people but unless you get some response or engage them it is a useless and futile effort.

And it is said that the most expensive promotion is the promotion which does not have any return on investment.

The video interaction is one of the popular and better ways of engagement.

For instance, the Q&A live session. Wherein the marketer talks for some time describing the features, pros, and cons of the product and then the due time and opportunities are provided for questions from the audiences, their comments, suggestions, and opinions.

The reason why this is so effective is that customers feel like they’re a part of something.

Building the Rapport


The marketer should make good rapport of their products as well as their organization brand building too. This will help in having a brand image about the future launches as well.

It should not happen that the other product of the same organization is seen differently and they are not able to take mileage from the previous success.

The videos as Teasers may be a short video help in making the image recall for customers.  The videos in the form of Teasers will make people recall your brand and check the organization to be out of sight and out of mind.

It should not be the only Resource

It will be suicidal in case you are banking upon or relying only on the video content. You should always keep in mind that although it is a good way for the engagement it should not be the only medium.

In case the video contents are not upgraded it will not serve the desired purpose and produce the desired results in turn.

The videos should contain the images and the content in written form so the best of the video is made. One should also give a thought for Interactive videos and live streaming for the purpose.